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Corefig for Windows Server 2012 Core and Hyper-V Server 2012
Building on the foundation provided by the CoreConfig team on Core Configurator 2.0 (http://coreconfig.codeplex.com), Corefig is a PowerShell-based GUI tool to configure the 2012 releases of Server Core and Hyper-V Server.

The application structure remains largely intact from the CoreConfig product but introduces several enhancements and leverages several of the new cmdlets.

Features carried forward:
  • Server renaming and domain joining
  • Role and feature management
  • Service control
  • Remote Desktop Host and WinRM configuration
  • Windows Update settings
  • Display settings configuration
  • Windows firewall settings
  • Driver installation
  • Regional settings (keyboard, date and time)
  • Add Programs
  • Network card settings, including TCP/IP
  • Proxy configuration
  • Local group membership
  • Share management
  • iSCSI Configuration (connecting to remote targets)
  • View, start, and stop virtual machines
  • Windows Server licensing

What's Changed:
At this time, most of the change are under the hood.
  • Fully localization-ready (US English is the only current language)
  • Wording made more clear
  • Customer Improvement Experience nag screens removed
  • WSF file sets PowerShell Execution Policy to "RemoteSigned" instead of "Unrestricted"
  • More operation consistency
    • Less writing to the console and more writing to the log
    • Fewer pop-up windows notifying of success
  • Some interface clean-up
  • Domain-controller promotion/demotion removed

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Reading a lot of articles online I have found that Hyper-V 2012 has some cool new features that are free to use. Some of them are in battle with VMware, like HA and the new SMB 3.0 protocol. I have installed a nested Hyper-V 2012 under the VMware setup to test the management tools. 
One tool I have found as a useful collection of PowerShell scripts is the Corefig. Here are some steps to use with this management tool and how to configure it.
On a fresh install of the Hyper-V Hypervisor one should enable the Remote Managament under the initial powershell options. To copy the files from the downloaded Corefig site firewall should be disabled on the Hyper-V 2012. This can be done via a simple command using netsh.
The next step is to download the Corefig.zip file and copy it to the Hyper-V hypervisor. One can copy the files using the Netbios protocol, and simply typing the \\hyper-vsrv location and creating a folder under the root of the Hypervisor called Corefig.
The link for the Corefig installation can be found here.
After extracting the files , we should start the Powershell script to initialize the Corefig installation process and to make it as a startup service. This can be done via a simple command:
Soon after that we have an instance of the Corefig started and can use all of the managament functions it offers us. A simple screenshot will show the GUI of the tool.
We can easily change the network settings, a small Control Panel utilities, and general Hyper-V settings. One great security tool is to manage the firewall via the GUI is easy for creating the first initial rules. I have disabled the firewall for testing purposes.
Acording to Microsoft this tools is verified to work with these setups:
  • Verified: Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (Core Installation)
  • Verified: Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (Complete GUI Installation)
  • Verified: Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012
Feel free to use the tool and comment on it.

Источник: http://corefig.codeplex.com/
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