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Cygwin installation on a Windows Server 2008R2

Cygwin installation on a Windows Server 2008R2

  • Create folder c:\cygwin
  • Create folder c:\cygwin-install
  • Download and save to c:\cygwin-install
  • Run setup.exe
    • Select Install from Internet
    • Root Directory: c:\cygwin
    • Select Install For All Users
    • Local Package directory: C:\cygwin-install
    • Internet Connection: Direct Connection
    • Choose server
      • e.g.
    • Add the following to the default package selection:
      • from Net: openssh, rsync, ping
      • and all other packages you need
    • Start Installation
  • Run c:\cygwin\cygwin.bat and configure sshd as a service

$ ssh-host-config

*** Info: Generating /etc/ssh_host_key
*** Info: Generating /etc/ssh_host_rsa_key
*** Info: Generating /etc/ssh_host_dsa_key
*** Info: Generating /etc/ssh_host_ecdsa_key
*** Info: Creating default /etc/ssh_config file
*** Info: Creating default /etc/sshd_config file
*** Info: Privilege separation is set to yes by default since OpenSSH 3.3.
*** Info: However, this requires a non-privileged account called 'sshd'.
*** Info: For more info on privilege separation read /usr/share/doc/openssh/README.privsep.

*** Query: Should privilege separation be used? (yes/no) yes
*** Info: Updating /etc/sshd_config file

*** Query: Do you want to install sshd as a service?
*** Query: (Say "no" if it is already installed as a service) (yes/no) yes
*** Query: Enter the value of CYGWIN for the daemon: [] ntsec
*** Info: On Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, and above, the
*** Info: SYSTEM account cannot setuid to other users -- a capability
*** Info: sshd requires. You need to have or to create a privileged
*** Info: account. This script will help you do so.

*** Info: You appear to be running Windows XP 64bit, Windows 2003 Server,
*** Info: or later. On these systems, it's not possible to use the LocalSystem
*** Info: account for services that can change the user id without an
*** Info: explicit password (such as passwordless logins [e.g. public key
*** Info: authentication] via sshd).

*** Info: If you want to enable that functionality, it's required to create
*** Info: a new account with special privileges (unless a similar account
*** Info: already exists). This account is then used to run these special
*** Info: servers.

*** Info: Note that creating a new user requires that the current account
*** Info: have Administrator privileges itself.

*** Info: No privileged account could be found.

*** Info: This script plans to use 'cyg_server'.
*** Info: 'cyg_server' will only be used by registered services.
*** Query: Do you want to use a different name? (yes/no) yes
Note-icon.gif Note:

Replace _servername by the name of your server. It's a good idea to have uniqe cygserver users on each Windows server.

*** Query: Enter the new user name: cygserver_servername
*** Query: Reenter: cygserver_servername

*** Query: Create new privileged user account 'cygserver_servername'? (yes/no) yes
*** Info: Please enter a password for new user cygserver_servername. Please be sure
*** Info: that this password matches the password rules given on your system.
*** Info: Entering no password will exit the configuration.
*** Query: Please enter the password: ********
*** Query: Reenter: ********

*** Info: User 'cygserver_servername' has been created with password 'xxxxxxx'.
*** Info: If you change the password, please remember also to change the
*** Info: password for the installed services which use (or will soon use)
*** Info: the 'cygserver_servername' account.

*** Info: Also keep in mind that the user 'cygserver_servername' needs read permissions
*** Info: on all users' relevant files for the services running as 'cygserver_servername'.
*** Info: In particular, for the sshd server all users' .ssh/authorized_keys
*** Info: files must have appropriate permissions to allow public key
*** Info: authentication. (Re-)running ssh-user-config for each user will set
*** Info: these permissions correctly. [Similar restrictions apply, for
*** Info: instance, for .rhosts files if the rshd server is running, etc].

*** Info: The sshd service has been installed under the 'cygserver_servername'
*** Info: account. To start the service now, call `net start sshd' or
*** Info: `cygrunsrv -S sshd'. Otherwise, it will start automatically
*** Info: after the next reboot.

*** Info: Host configuration finished. Have fun!

  • Configure the SSH Service:

It is recommended to unset any AuthorizedKeysFile option and use the default value which is to check both .ssh/authorized_keys and .ssh/authorized_keys2. Edit /etc/sshd_config and comment out or delete this line

#AuthorizedKeysFile .ssh/authorized_keys

and start the service

net start sshd
  • Administrator password must be stored in the registry to allow pivate-public-key login w/o a password. Then the sshd service runs in Administrator context.
passwd -R
  • Finally open port 22 in the Windows Firewall
  • Vim configuration (optional, if Vim is your editor)

Login as Administrator and create a vim run control file:

cp /usr/share/vim/vim73/vimrc_example.vim ~/.vimrc

Now the cursor keys are working in a PuTTY session.

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