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How to root ThL T7

How to root ThL T7

How to root ThL T7


we are going to provide instructions with pictures to root ThL T7  and we discuss errors of rooting and solutions and we provide root files for your phone . in this post, we included all possible methods to root your phone, see the below.. 

Why I want to root ThL T7

After rooting, phone processes runs its ultimate speed.. and RAM runs ultimate speed too.. That means, no more getting stuck, freezing, no more force stop messages..
Note– If you want these performance, then you need to install some root apps..

What can i do after rooting


After Rooting, you can Unlock Hidden Features and Install “Incompatible Applications” and Automate Everything in your phone,Boost Battery Life and Your phone’s Speed. as wel as you can Remove Pre-installed apps. Flash custom Rom/Recovery.. Installing incompatible apps cause to over heating, so not recommend,

♥ Note- What is the Stock & Custom Rom? Firmware? Bootloader?

What is the meaning of Root

♥ Actually a rooted phone is, you can do anything to phone. Just like phone which you made yourself. Normally before rooting, you can perform limited tasks but after rooting it change.

As a admin user in your computer you can do anything. but If you are a guest user then you can do limited things. after rooted, your are the admin user/ high privilege user

Before performs the root for ThL T7 , you should know these things

  You can do this if you have unlocked phone .
  When you rooted ThL T7  phone, it cause to cancel phone’s warranty. But you can unroot anytime.
 phone’s pc software does not want to install but phone driver must works on your PC without error.

Root my ThL T7 phone

What can I do with a rooted phone | List of Things

Requirement for rooting ThL T7

 Your phone should have 50% + battery.
 KingRoot application
 USB drivers.
 Enable developer mood

Top 10 Root apps for android phones


Step 1,

  1. Download kingroot and copy paste to your phone’s SD card.

2. Go to SD card, tap the “kingroot” then, check “unknown sources”

3. after that, Tap “install”. please wait while installing.


Step 2,

  1. After intalling KingRoot app, Open it.
  2. Now Tap “try to Root”


Step 3, 

  1. After one or 2min, you will be able too see green tick. that means, your phone is rooted successfully. After performing Root, You can use your phone. and Flash Eustom Roms/Stock Roms/Recovery


Now your android device is rooted. To check whether rooted or not install this root checker app. 

IF you want, you can replace Kinguser with SuperSU.

IF you want to Unroot, Click this

I can’t root my ThL T7 .

Root fail in kingRoot/Kinguser.

Use different root app Like kingorootKing-root, Root Gineus , FramaRoot

su binary needs to be updated/kinguser binary (su) must be updated

first unroot. and remove roots apps and restart the phone.  follow this guide line step by step with new files. I’m sure, you will be able to root your phone.

Fix “Unfortunately, kinguser has Stopped” Error in ThL T7

Fix “Unfortunately, kingroot has Stopped” Error in ThL T7

1. Reboot your device. Not works? then go to 2
2. Delete cache and data in kinguser. Setting –> App manager –>kingroot/kinguser –>detete cach and data.

No Strategy Found

try this post.


enjoy your rooted phone and please share this to Facebook and twitter accounts and please bookmark us on your browser.

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